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Volunteer Built Community Garden Food Forest

Our OLOWOF Inc volunteers have been working hard to help us build community gardens/food forests throughout the Hunter Region of NSW.

This video highlights a 25 metre shade house garden on land generously offered in Dungog that was built using recycled materials to create the garden beds, as well as 3 large metre long bags transformed into garden beds for potatoes.

We now have an amazing new volunteer Jasmin who understands Permaculture Farming so Jasmin is teaching us what to plant where, it’s really wonderful to learn about building garden beds and companion planting, it’s also very rewarding to come together with other members of our OLOWOF Volunteer Community to grow food for ourselves, our kids and grandkids and our community.

Karen Burge - Vice President Our Land, Our Water, Our Future

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Sep 17, 2023

Amazing initiative and the gardens are looking great already. Well done to all involved 🐛🐝🌱🪴🥑🌶️🫛🍊

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