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The Child Protection Racket

OLOWF Inc is dedicated to the protection of not only our land and water but also our future, being our children and grandchildren. It is with heavy hearts that we have become aware of the massive systemic failings of alleged child protection and out of home care organisations. This amazing book "The Child Protection Racket" High Level Child Trafficking in Australia by Dee McLachlan outlines in great detail exactly what is ocurring in regards to the trafficking and abuse of our children. This is something that has been well known to our indigenous population for many many years, but sadly through financial greed and the decline of corporate morals and ethics the net is now getting much much wider and is exponentially putting even more of our children at much greater risk of harm.

Please consider buying a copy of this amazing book, it is through education that we learn to understand and can then empower people to bring about positive change.

Book available here:

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