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Chariot of Hope

An Ubuntu initiative by Karen Burge

When I heard a friend was selling her food van, I really wanted to buy it to use as a Hemp Seed Smoothie/Education Van.

Unfortunately that particular van was out of our budget, but several weeks later I found an old horse float for sale at a an incredibly affordable price, and so our wonderful Chariot Of Hope was born.

It took us a little while to get things moving but with some amazing help from some wonderful members of our community, we worked on the transformation including stripping, rebuilding, and painting the van to transform it into everything I dreamed it would become.

When I was first thinking of the artwork I had a vision of a Goddess driving a Chariot. This resonated with me as I saw the Goddess being a symbol for The Cannabis/Hemp plant powerfully putting an end to the stigma and over 80 year persecution of the world's most nutrient-rich food source and without doubt the most useful plant ever divinely created.

"The Chariot is a symbol of moving forward so to me it made perfect sense that The Goddess is driving the Chariot representing The Cannabis/Hemp Plant as it moves into the forefront of a new plant based industrial revolution."

We have now attended several events in the Chariot and is it fun, one of the most rewarding parts is the opportunity to educate the public on the potential of Hemp and how we can make our region self sustainable with biodegradable products.

By growing Hemp and setting up the infrastructure to process Hemp we could very easily grow everything we need to not only survive, but thrive.

Hemp can make so many things, including but not limited to food, medicine, affordable housing, biodegradable plastics, antibacterial fabrics, biofuels, batteries, timber, paper and much much more.

I feel now more than ever our own well-being, our children's well-being, our children's children's well-being, all future generations, and our precious beloved Mother Earth, are all reliant on us moving forward with industries that protect and preserve our precious natural resources.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and thank you in advance to those that wish to join us in becoming part of the solution.

It is our intention that 'The Chariot of Hope'

fulfils it's potential as a way to not only educate and feed people in mind, body and spirit, but also to help be part of the change we wish to see in the world, and to end the stigma and misrepresentation of the worlds most amazing plant.

In love and service

Karen Burge


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